I am happy to be Clinging to my Guns and Religion…Paul Ryan

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Paul Ryan Jabs Obama:

‘I Am Happy To Be Clinging To My Guns and My Religion’

The phrase “bitter clingers” was born after President Obama described small-town conservatives as “[clinging] to guns or religion“ as a way to ”explain their frustration.”

On Tuesday, Republican Paul Ryan addressed the comments head-on, saying that, as a Catholic and a hunter, he is “happy” to be described in such a way.

“I remember this other time, where [Obama] was caught on video saying ‘people like to cling to their guns and their religion,” Ryan began to a large crowd, adding:  “Hey– I am a Catholic deer-hunter.  I am happy to be clinging to my guns and my religion.”

Ryan, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s running mate, was visiting a family-owned steel processing plant near Pittsburgh when he made the comments.

According to NBC Connecticut, he also said Obama has used Medicare “like a piggy bank” to fund Obamacare, adding that the president is relying on “distortions” because “that’s all he has to offer.”


This Election the Choices are Clear

Very Clear

17 responses to “I am happy to be Clinging to my Guns and Religion…Paul Ryan

  1. Good Morning to all my favorite Clingers ;)


  2. Got guns, got ammo, got a Bible.
    Bring it libs.


  3. Evidently the movie 2016 is on fire all across the country.
    Perfect timing.
    It will open at over 1000 theaters this weekend.


  4. We have to win the senate.
    Akin, the Mo. senator made a mistake but he hasn’t backed down.
    In our state, Josh Mandell is a young conservative running against Sherrod Brown.
    I will vote for Mandell.
    We have to have 51 votes in the senate to defeat Obamacare.
    We have to relegate Harry Reid to the bench just like we did in 2010 to Nancy Pelosi.
    If we don’t do that, the next four years are going to be hard to bear.
    The Romney/Ryan ticket is a major win for this Country IF they have the congress to support them.
    If we can achieve that victory, it will also impact the future nominations for the Supreme Court.
    This election is crucial.


    • I don’t know if I told you about the Sherrod Brown Campaign worker who knocked on my door a couple of weeks ago? Anyway, he walked away sad, very sad and was totally deflated by the time I ended my dissertation on all that was wrong with his Candidate, President Obama and him.


  5. I’m crazy about Ryan. This was definitely what the campaign needed. Do you ever have those days where you just feel overwhelmed by this whole thing? Today is my day. I just had a “friend” tell me I “hate Muslims” and he made some snide remarks about my “love of reading the diary entries of hack bloggers.” Needless to say, I gave him an earful. What a jerk. I’m so sick of being called hateful, extreme and racist, just because I disagree. I know we have the truth on our side, and I know our country’s future is at stake, and that keeps me going. But some days….I just get tired. This is one of them.

    So thankful to all of you faithful conservative “hack bloggers” for your hard work! I can’t imagine where the country would be right now, if it weren’t for the conservative bloggers doing the job the mainstream media refuses to do…reporting the truth. God bless!


    • You know your doing your job as a Patriot when people you know attack because of it. Their plan is to discourage you and I from putting forth the Truth since Freedom of Speech has not yet been totally Banned. If no one criticized you one would have to wonder then if our message was correct. President Obama’s relentless non stop attacks against the Religious Right and all Conservatives is proof of what I am saying to you here today. Keep the Faith Baby cause we are beginning to win the hearts of Americans everywhere. God Bless you and your Family, Righthook.


      • You’re absolutely right, and I’ve never questioned my beliefs, because I know they’re right. But sometimes I feel like I’m beating my head against a wall. This person says he’s not ideological, but you can’t tell him anything. He’ll trash my opinions, but never offer up ideas of his own. He’ll drill me about things, but never answer a question posed to him. How do you deal with people like that? I keep thinking at some point, maybe he’ll get it, but I think I’m only wasting my time. It’s exhausting.


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