The Criminality of Liberal Politics

The Criminality of Liberal Politics

How long can one continue on with lies and deceptions before they all blow up in ones face? Given the less then honest history of this President and his associates one has to wonder how long he and his cohorts can get away with it. My guess is we will be seeing one devastating scandal after the other being exposed over the next four years providing this President can endure the fallout as the lies are exposed and the American People finally wake up.

My Mission these past four years was to hopefully wake up enough of the American people to make a difference in the 2012 Elections.  I obviously failed in that Mission but will continue on as a Voting American in my next Mission and that will be to expose each and every corruption of this second term administration.

Make no mistake about it. Once exposed to the real truth there is nothing more vengeful then a Scorned American Electorate

I’m a Voting American and I’m Mad as Hell

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  1. Mission two begins ;)


  2. G’Mornin Sami, Reporting for my patriotic duty. We must recruit those who believe in their hearts ans minds that what we do is a sacred honor above all else. We must variants of the Maquis to push, to push buttons and to push for a principled agenda to succeed.


    • Good Morning my friend and sadly so many staunch conservative bloggers fell away from our mission during the election campaign. Voices that needed to be heard went silent and left the fight when needed the most. We shall see who will rise up to replace them as we begin the fight to bring this President to Impeachment.


      • I have no doubt our efforts can succeed. Our present efforts should be focused on the next two years to get a Senate majority, It will be hard, we must never give up not as long as I still live.
        I am in the first steps of outlining a strategy for gain. It takes me to deep thoughts of counteraction to formulate these strategies. As one would say, “‘I’m all in”
        The closest thing that can be done for now is to do some research on RICO laws. The prez may think he is untouchable, he better think more than once in awhile.


        • I knew you would be standing with US but I felt uncertainty about myself. A few days away from the blogs gave me my second wind and I am in this to the last breath.


        • You are correct.
          Obama was blindsided when we took the majority in the house in 2010.
          Now, with the voter fraud exposed in the last election, we have an even better chance of taking the senate majority in 2014, thereby eliminating Harry Reid and the rest of the sniveling bastards that are against America.


          • What is needed AFVET is to scout out carefully and discriminatel who will be the best to offer their service to the public.We don’t need RINOs who hide in sheepish rhetoric. People like Mike Lee and Rand Paul who have the bona fides are needed. Like Mark Levin has said, we need a new crop of Senators with constitutional principals.


  3. I am so glad you have determined to expose this regime. I am so appalled that we have someone like him in the white house. Also, when laws are voted upon by Congress/Senate, and he basically thumbs his nose and says, I am doing it anyway. We then have a person who is doing treasonists acts. When is this going to stop? When? We all knew if he got back in office this would happen, but the people who want what they want free phones, free rent, free college, free contraceptives, free anything that they can get, we as the taxpayers have to pay for that. Personally I have taken a 200 dollar cut in my pay per month because of cutbacks at my job — no more overtime, no regular 40 hours, and not even any guarantee for paid holidays. Yet, I plug away because I was raised to pull my way in life and not be part of the taker mentality. This is so wrong, and we know it is exactly what the man in the white house wants. He wants Americans dependent on the government. I never thought I would see this day in our beloved country. The very country my husband served his country in Vietnam. He was drafted as most were then. He did not want to go, I did not want him to go because of the magnitude of the war and he was so young. But it was our country we were concerned about and he went, and many others did as well during that terrible time of our young loves. Why? Like Bill Clinton and John Kerry we all could have lied or gone overseas to escape it….but no that was not the patriotic thing to do. He was drafted, he went to serve his country just like so many other young Americans. Many never came home from that awful war; many who did come home are haunted by that war with flashbacks, with permanent loss of limbs, and loss of their sanity as well. But there was no saying I won’t go, I will not do this. Patriotism was there. The love of country. But now we have a liar, a fraud, a communist in the white house. It is so terrible. We must continue the fight for our loved ones who served, many who are gone, many who are here but are not able to live normal lives. Shame on conservatives who will not expose this man in the white house. Shame on Americans who will not take a stand and fight back. This is for our freedom. This is for our country.


    • First off let me thank your husband for his service and your standing with him. You have brought about good points and the ones most disconcerting to me are the Conservatives who sat this out on the sidelines.


      • From what I have read Sam, thousands of Conservatives DID NOT sit out this election.
        Many conservative votes were not counted in many precincts across the country.
        The election was stolen.


        • I was not referring to conservative voters so much as I was referring to conservative bloggers my friend. Fact is many a conservative backed away from this election once Mitt Romney became the nominee. Sad but true.


  4. Hi Everyone!

    I’m not naming names, but any who believes my non-stop efforts on twitter to stop Obama was “sitting out the election” needs to get a clue.

    No one bosses me around and tells me what I should and should not do and how I should and should not do it. No one. Not even my closest and dearest friends.

    Most First Tier Blogs stopped honoring pingbacks/trackbacks from smaller bloggers.

    Google installed filters to block about 80% of the visibility of smaller conservative blogs via Google searches.

    These issues have greatly reduced incoming blog traffic along with serious & long episodes of health issues for me.

    I endeavor to reach a very wide audience outside closed conservative circles of friends.

    Thus, I went around those obstacles and took the fight to the twitter streets where I have called out famous liberals & liberal celebrities mano y mano and had them respond back to me directly.

    The true power of Twitter is like the game of golf… unless one learns to play and enjoy golf it really isn’t possible to grasp why golf is the most populous and rewarding sport for so many on the planet.

    I fight the fight on the twitter front with good effect and anyone saying differently doesn’t know what they are talking about.

    Approval of others is nice but not mandatory.

    God Willing… I am intent on kicking Liberal ass from sun up to sun down, daily.

    God Bless you all and God Bless what is left of these United States.



    • I was not really talking about you nor your blog VF when I made my comment about conservatives sitting out the election. Fact is I know and have seen how very effective you have been on Twitter and understand your reasons for using it as a battlefield. Well played my friend and my hat is off to you for all your efforts both on the blogs and on twitter. You have been a fierce warrior going back to the days of ireporters and no one can ever take that away from you. I to am engaged on twitter and have been since the days when you introduced me to it and encouraged me to join in the battle there. I thank you for developing this very Blog for me and hope that you would be proud to see it has grown to three blogs that reach thousands with news and facts they might not have ever known about. We are all Americans fighting for the same Love of Country and I still believe we could all be much more effective if we worked together on a more United Front. God Bless and I will be praying for those health issues you mentioned.


      • Hi Sami!

        Thank you dear, for your recognition of my efforts. I would lay down my life for our country. God knows that.

        Your success is a shared success. I wanted to spread the power of blogging to as many as would let me help them.

        You have come a long way, baby, as was said in the 70s!

        Wooo HOOO!!!

        Thanks for your prayers, dear. I had another close call in late September and God saw fit for me to continue on. It was a damaging heart attack.

        Now I tell myself how lucky I am every morning to have woken up from sleep for a new day. I don’t take life for granted… none of us should and I spend my days doing things I love to do.

        I dearly love living in Arizona.

        We have taken up the sport of firearm shooting in a big way and I now have my own guns for the first time tho I had early life experiences with them in both hunting and shooting competition using guns belonging to others.


    • I wouldn’t be surprised to see Obama ratchet down the restrictions on any conservative leaning website in the next two years.


      • Hi AFVET!

        I think O has already done it and did it leading into the 2012 election cycle.

        Google uppity-ups are Obama Supporters and control both Google Searches and YouTube. If folks cant see blog posts on a Google search they cant find you. Tweeting links to your own blog on twitter is looked upon with a dim view by many… they call it pimping your blog. sigh…

        Youtube is as good a blog site as any and if one knows how to effectively design titles and apply search links, one can get very good traffic.

        I had one youtube that got well over 200,000 visits over a three year span till youtube took it down because someone found it “offensive” and complained about it to management. I will eventually put up another like it and but next time use moderation controls to select who gets to comment and what they get to comment.

        YouTube videos are easy to come by if you know how and the video description area is the blog post.

        Anyone wanting to know how to acquire videos for uploading for political warfare on YouTube, just contact me on Twitter. Following each other, I can tell you how via twitter private direct messaging.

        It is easy to do once you know how… as is WordPress once you have the hang of it.

        New YouTube features include moderation tools for commenting which are very similar to wordpress moderation tools.

        I am letting a six month youtube strike against me time out. They don’t like what I blog there and comment there very much. That timer started July 4, 2012.

        Many use Facebook as a blog site. Personally, I don’t like Facebook as they tend to nanny state people as badly as iReport does.

        Youtube does that too but not to the extent of Facebook.


        • Glad to see that you’re OK VF.
          A well maintained firearm at a shooting range can be a great release of anxiety and a lotta fun.
          As far as the restrictions on conservative websites, nothing like a challenge to get your blood boiling.
          The election was stolen by the Chicago mafia squatting in the White House. Voter fraud was rampant across the country.
          Have fun at the range VF. :)


  5. Only on Twitter can you tell Hamas in Gaza personally and directly where they will actually see it, what you think of them.

    What’s their official Twitter address? See my tweet below…

    Which Reads:

    @VotingFemale: .@AlqassamBrigade How do you guys like eating IDF missile sandwiches? Yeah, we know you’re the Hamas In Gaza Twitter Acnt #p2 #tcot #bospoli

    This is their official Twitter Page:

    I have also spoken directly to the Israeli IDF via Twitter and followed them.

    The Official Twitter Page of the Israeli IDF?


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  7. Thank you for the mention Sunday Links ;)


  8. I’ve added a New Graphic to this post. Check it out it says it all…


  9. Good Morning America :D