Happy Thanksgiving America

May God continue to Bless these United States of America


14 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving America

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends who have fought the good fight these past four years. May God richly Bless each and everyone of you…


  2. Happy Thanksgiving Sami, I hope you have a wonderful one. God bless you my friend!


  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Sami, Loopyloo, and everyone!

    Only three more to go before we elect a new president. God willing, it will be a Conservative.


  4. Peace and blessings to you and your family on this beautiful Thanksgiving Day. God bless you. D.


  5. Happy Thanksgiving, the road is long, our cause is just. I saw a good post on Facebook that went something like this. Lord have mercy, my boat is small and the water so vast


  6. I always enjoy reading your site. Glad to see that you are back from fishing. I wanted to share an email I received earlier from my nephew. He sends out monthly newsletters to his customers for his business. I felt he was able to express a lot of his thoughts that I really agreed with. He served in the Coast Guard and really loves his country. Below is his email:


    The American Dream Is Dead! These words have been ringing in my subconscious for months. These words were spoken by a person in authority that I trust and regarded as a person of high integrity. These five words have reverberated again and again in my mind to the point that I began to believe that they were true. In the business of sales one must uphold a level of confidence and positivity to convey comfort in people that we meet on a day-to-day basis. Whether the meeting is in person or on the Internet; the people that we interact with must feel safe in doing business with us. As a result of this one statement and all of the ensuing political barrage that we have been subjugated to over the last several months, to be honest it has been hard to reach out to you with a positive email message. I have had many readers of this email call and ask, “Where are the email letters that I used to get from you? The letters are always entertaining, informative and sometimes funny.” In response to those kind words, I have not been missing in action but merely distracted and busy.

    Believe me this is not a political message and please do not interpret as such. But I am confident that I am not alone in being weary of political advertisements. Despite the title of this letter, this note is one of encouragement and a positive outlook. In fact these words have been building over the months since we last met and I must thank you for continuing to read this letter. What better time of the year to reflect on the past and look forward to the future than Thanksgiving?

    Brighter days are ahead! Now if you watch the news for more than five minutes you might not believe this statement. But try for a minute to look beyond the reality of what is happening around you and try to think outside of those parameters. Go back to a place in time when all things were possible and you could do anything that you dreamed if “you put your mind to it”. Famous words but still true even in “today’s economy”; if you set yourself in motion to strive for that truth rather than what your surroundings are telling you. Remember back when you were really young? Well the economy was probably bad then too but that did not stop you from pursuing your education or your dreams or whatever drove you to succeed.

    I am challenging each and every person who may read this note to never give up on the American Dream. Take time to reflect on your past successes, your family, your future this Holiday season and forge ahead. The American Dream can only be dead if we let it die. It is your dream no one can take it from you unless you willingly give it up!

    ……………………… is a company built by and with the American Dream and we look forward to building the future together safely and securely.