Remembering when the expression Happy New Year actually meant something

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A message to America from the

Grey-Haired Brigade

They like to refer to us as senior citizens, old fogies, geezers, and in some cases dinosaurs. Some of us are “Baby Boomers” getting ready to retire. Others have been retired for some time.

We walk a little slower these days and our eyes and hearing are not what they once were. We have worked hard, raised our children, worshiped our God and grown old together.

Yes, we are the ones some refer to as being over the hill, and that is probably true. But before writing us off completely, there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration.

In school we studied English, history, math, and science which enabled us to lead America into the technological age. Most of us remember what outhouses were, many of us with firsthand experience. We remember the days of telephone
party-lines, 25 cent gasoline, and milk and ice being delivered to our homes. For those of you who don’t know what an icebox is, today they are electric and referred to as refrigerators. A few even remember when cars were started with a crank. Yes, we lived those days.

We are probably considered old fashioned and out-dated by many. But there are a few things you need to remember before completely writing us off. We won World War II, fought in Korea and Viet Nam. We can quote The Pledge of Allegiance, and know where to place our hand while doing so. We wore the uniform of our country with pride and lost many friends on the battlefield. We didn’t fight for the Socialist States of America; we fought for the “Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.” We wore different uniforms but carried the same flag.

We know the words to the Star Spangled Banner, America, and America the Beautiful by heart, and you may even see some tears running down our cheeks as we sing. We have lived what many of you have only read in history books and we feel no obligation to apologize to anyone for America.

Yes, we are old and slow these days but rest assured, we have at least one good fight left in us. We have loved this country, fought for it, and died for it, and now we are going to save it. It is our country and nobody is going to take it away from us. We took oaths to defend America against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and that is an oath we plan to keep. There are those who want to destroy this land we love but, like our founders, there is no way we are going to remain silent.

It was mostly the young people of this nation who elected Obama and the Democratic Congress in 2008. You fell for the “Hope and Change” which in reality was nothing but “Hype and Lies.”

You have tasted socialism and seen evil face to face, and have found you did like it after all.

You make a lot of noise, but most are all too interested in their careers or “Climbing the Social Ladder” to be involved in such mundane things as Patriotism.

Many of you fell for the Great Lie yet again in 2012 and are now having some buyer’s remorse as you should.

With all the education we gave you these past four years, you didn’t have sense enough to see through the lies and instead drank more of the  Kool-Aid.

Now you’re paying the price and complaining about it. No jobs, lost mortgages, higher taxes, and less freedom.

This is what you voted for again and this is what you got.

We entrusted you with the Torch of Liberty and you traded it for Entitlements and a Free Ride.

This land does not belong to the man in the White House nor to the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

It belongs to We the People and  We the People plan to Reclaim our land and our Freedom. We hope that next time, if there is one, you will do a better job of preserving it and passing it along to our grandchildren.

So if you ever have the chance to say the Pledge of Allegiance again, stand up, put your hand over your heart, honor Our Country, and Apologize to America and the

Grey-Haired Brigade



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  1. Good Morning America ;)


  2. Hello, I will begin with that ourselves learned not so long ago. Last month one document was declassified. In it it is spoken, the General commissioner of a state security Yezhov N. I. and Berry of made repressions and executions without allowing information on them to Stalin. The General commissioner of a state security to Berry of at a position the following was from November 26, 1935 to January 26, 1937 the first was, the General commissioner of a state security Yezhov N. I. from January 27, 1937 to January 30, 1941. Because of them Stalin consider as the bloody tyrant, and actually Yezhov N. I. and Berry of wanted to take its place. But Stalin nevertheless learned about those atrocities which were made by them and punished them that way with which they finished with those who conducted the country forward. But supporters Yezhov N. I. and Berry of remained and they took Stalin’s place after his death, it were all heads of the USSR after Stalin. And because of it from history these data were erased.
    Well, and misters now are farther. Obama is not a communist, the lackey it now is more correct to call it Serves China. He is afraid China, very much. And because of this fear it makes the main mistakes at present. The most important that he is afraid to make is to force Pakistan to give lands which belong to Afghanistan, thanks to it it would be possible to stop war in Afghanistan and to start bringing an order to the country where war ended. But it will not occur because now in Pakistan there are Chinese, they already placed there the armies. I think that you should not say that will occur after China will already officially attach Pakistan to itself.
    Now about Russia and at us after disintegration of the USSR the church started growing quickly, and suddenly the most part appeared Christians. But the truth is as follows: number of churches and her attendants all the time grows, but thus number of people who visit church less and less, and those who read the bible and it is less than that.At us now very strongly do not love church. Her attendants luxuriate, buy to itself such houses, cars and things which not any businessman can buy. They can break the law and it will be nothing. We have even the most selling police officers and officials such never did (and to the same them sooner or later nevertheless put in prison).
    And after Obama signed “Magnitsky’s Law”, the mood concerning America worsened first of all at simple citizens, and our government with deputies could swallow this spittle quietly. But it was not pleasant to people and it was necessary to take the answer-back measures.
    Now further because of what this mood worsened: The matter is that America tells all the time about democracy, about freedom, about equality, about tolerance, about justice and thus in her it is not present! You have prisons where hold people to whom at all did not bring charge and hold sometimes more than 30 years (the person who still remained there is live), you have capital punishments which can be seen on the air (on mine this barbarity, to look as the person roast on an electric chair), at there are territory “reservations” where there lives indigenous people of America, Indians have no rights and social guarantees as at the ordinary citizen of the USA. At you despised and despise people with dark, yellow, red, black skin. Corruption and impunity at you too now prosper not less than at us, but you are silent about it. And you have very strong promotion and control of that did not blurt out that superfluous.
    Our people do not love when to them say lies, your analysts thought that we and now as in the 80th 90th years we continue to listen to everything that speak to us from the West. But we already understood that to us first of all pushed all the worst that to spread out us, but now when we already finally “sobered” we see that that West which so suited us already itself went wrong much more us. To us show that in all countries which did not enter into the USSR life it is good, on streets there is no garbage, people behave correctly (do not commit crimes, do not show obscene gestures, do not swear), but here we come to any country of Europe, America northern and southern, the East and we see as it actually. Even worse than at us, but we that honest show to the whole world everything, both bad, and good. We are sorry in recent years more and more that the USSR broke up absolutely and we think what to unite with Ukraine and Belarus (they too want it) and if it occurs that China at once will cease to be over the power, they will be afraid us. Will be afraid to attack us, and they know that we will help you in any case if they attack you (even now we are ready to help you if China attacks, our submarines are hidden at them near by, and your coast by the way too).

    samiam60 | December 25, 2012 at 12:56 PM | Reply
    Merry Christmas Mikhaily . You are telling US things never before heard in these United States. Do you have documentation of such things? From all that I have gleaned from your comment you are suggesting that your Country will help us defend ours from China. I find this all fascinating and yet curious. Please help US understand better and provide us with some links to substantiate your claims.

    mikhailv | December 25, 2012 at 1:16 PM | Reply
    Documentary it I cannot present you as this plan on disarmament of China is confidential, forgive for it. But that rearmament and preparation of our army that you can observe. Shows that we prepare for war and serious. But I can explain because of what we are ready to help you the matter is that all those regions which we kept under the control before disintegration of the USSR, you now hold. And if China attacks you, you can simply not protect America, all your army is divided on the world. And if not to support you that you will leave these regions (I give an example what Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia) and then we should start supporting there an order, but we at present cannot do it still are weak for this purpose. Here also leaves that it is more favorable to us to support you, to break and divide China between us after a victory. And farther it will be visible.
    If you want confirmation of that in other countries now as or even worse than at us, I to you will give them tomorrow already midnight.

    samiam60 | December 25, 2012 at 1:19 PM | Reply
    I’m looking forward to that my friend

    mikhailv | December 26, 2012 at 5:15 AM |
    Good morning Sam! I have collected articles and have translated them to you (transfer by means of programs of translators to wish to be better so it was necessary most), over the text the source will be specified, this comment will be very long.

    Among the Indian political analysts long ago the point of view according to which the relations between Beijing and Islamabad carry out only function of “control” of Delhi in the Southern Asia also was strongly approved. Though similar conclusions are quite logical, they at the same time obviously do not consider value of the tendencies having from the outside serious impact on an internal political situation in China in the last decade.


    Continuous destabilizing influence of events in the Xinjiang-Uigur Autonomous Area (XUAA) on the general development of the People’s Republic of China – the fact conventional. Moreover, in Beijing at all do not exclude: to supporters of “the independent Uigur state”, operating from the territory of the North Western boundary province of Pakistan (SZPP), assist both the United States, and some Muslim countries. That is why the Chinese management seeks to use various opportunities for neutralization of forces of political Islam in SUAR, including on a national level. In this regard in the relations between Heavenly Empire and Pakistan there were new important points.

    On the one hand, official Beijing was satisfied with full support of its actions on elimination of disorders in Urumqi the president of Pakistan A.A.Zardari. Similar support especially is significant because it was rendered by the leader of one of the “key” Muslim states who officially kept separate from “the international Islamic resistance movement”, operating in SUAR. On the other hand, China doubts ability of the Pakistan authorities to exercise effective control over all territory of the country. Doubts took the form of the direct agreement on multilateral cooperation between the Xinjiang-Uigur autonomous region of the People’s Republic of China and the North Western boundary province of Pakistan. Sense of this agreement – in establishment of direct contacts with heads of SZPP for the purpose of suppression of activity of the Islamists who are carried out from the territory of this province.

    At the same time the agreement has also essential social and economic filling. It as “a bearing design”, apparently, expansion by means of China strategically important Karakorumskoye Highway for both countries, which acts (through the Kundzherabsky pass located at the height of 4693 m above sea level) connects Xinjiang and SZPP. The authorities of Pakistan seek to convince the People’s Republic of China of expediency of use of this highway as the main international highway on delivery of import goods necessary for China from the Pakistan ports, first of all from Gvadar modernized by means of Beijing, of the Arabian Sea.

    Besides transport infrastructure, the agreement provides cooperation in the field of interregional trade, science and technologies, cultures, educations, health care, agricultural industry, sports and tourism. Simplifying a difficult situation a little, we can state: filling the agreement with SZPP the concrete contents, China will seek to involve in circulation of bilateral interregional ties as it is possible the most part of economically active population of the Pakistan province, distracting it from destructive activity for the People’s Republic of China in Xinjiang.


    However ruling circles of China understand: the interregional relations are only part of the general line of Beijing on stabilization of situation in Pakistan. The leadership of the People’s Republic of China realizes that problems of Pakistan have a structural and system origin and they are generated by the state course of the local authorities, is constant and on an expanded basis reproducing the contradictions menacing to unity and territorial integrity of this country. It is represented that the hierarchy of problems of Pakistan seems in Beijing as follows.

    Creation in 1947 of the state on confessional, instead of on a political economic basis had an inevitable consequence the weakened attention of the Pakistan ruling elite to development problems (that is to economic growth on the basis of the greatest possible employment and consecutive decrease in social and property destabilizing priorities in society) and to frequent crises of “the modernization project”, coming to the end coming to power of military. The last, as a rule, were not carriers of constructive converting ideas and were engaged mainly in “establishing order” in the country, postponing transformations necessary for society for the uncertain future.

    Similar alternation of “military” and “civil” cycles (and the last turned into the compelled and temporary measure) disturbed formation of capable institutes of political representation in Pakistan and to formation of the effective political elite focused on interests of society as a whole (modernization), instead of its separate segments.

    Lack of forward diversification of economic and political system convinced the Pakistan army of what she plays a major role in the Pakistan society. It made the whole country dependent on personal will of her highest military leaders, the most odious among which, certainly, there was general Ziya-ul-Haq (ruled Pakistan in 1977-1988). Its indulgent relation to political Islam finally led to that now it effectively challenges from army superiority in life of Pakistan. Similar “diarchy” is equally dangerous both to India, and to China.

    Created in the late seventies – the beginning of the 80th years military of a problem (strengthening of a role of Islamists) were transformed to real threat both to the Pakistan statehood, and unity and territorial integrity of the country. In turn eventual disintegration of Pakistan about what the international press seriously starts writing, is fraught with internal destabilization of China (“permeability” of borders), and also bears in itself threat of India, to Iran and other neighboring countries (dismantle of sekulyaristsky statehood).

    China, India, the other states of the Southern and Central Asia as Islamabad has a considerable arsenal of the nuclear weapon (totals now, by estimates of the western military experts, not less than 80 warheads) which building proceeds and in the conditions of an economic crisis are interested in unity and territorial integrity of Pakistan.


    The difficult, inconsistent internal political reality of Pakistan forces China to diversify the geopolitical strategy concerning this country and the Southern Asia as a whole.

    First, in Beijing recognize that under the influence of an involvement of the USA into military operations in Afghanistan hardly noticeably, but steadily there is a weakening of the American positions in Pakistan. New “equation” of geopolitical forces in Central Asia, probably, will record the leading role of China in this area.

    Soft replacement of the United States from Pakistan carries out the People’s Republic of China by means of the expansion of external economic relations tested with time and checked by practice. In 2009 commodity turnover volume between two countries made 7 billion dollars (in the 2008th – 6,8 billion dollars), and in the 2011th its doubling – to 15 billions is planned. Though earlier achievement of a similar indicator was removed for 2015. In addition, Islamabad counts on the essential financial help of Beijing, and also on cooperation in the field of “classical” power, first of all on construction of hydroelectric power stations according to the Chinese projects (taking into account experience of implementation of the Three Gorges project on Yangzi) in mountain conditions.

    Secondly, true to the main strategic principle “the economy defines geopolitics”, China actively participates in modernization of transport infrastructure of Pakistan. As a matter of fact implementation of joint projects on this direction of external economic relations is subordinated to the solution of a two-uniform strategic task: to ensuring safe transportation of energy carriers on a route the Persian Gulf – the South China Sea and to restriction of influence of the USA in “sensitive” regions for China of the Middle East, the Southern and Central Asia.

    The most successful pakistano-Chinese infrastructure project the western and Indian experts call port Gvadar. Located in northwest part of the Arabian Sea, it is an ideal place of supervision over movement of trade vessels and the fighting ships going from the Persian Gulf in east direction, and also – in case of need – can be used for protection of transport communications on which energy carriers are delivered to the Far East. In favor of this assumption active participation of experts from the People’s Republic of China in modernization of bases and parking of submarines of Naval Forces of Pakistan which can be used for calling of the Chinese submarines testifies, in particular.

    Thirdly, according to messages in world press Beijing intends to achieve from Islamabad permission to opening of People’s Republic of China military base in the Pakistan territory. Similar step, experts note, pursues at least three strategic aims: rendering military-political pressure upon India, restriction of influence of Washington in Pakistan and Afghanistan, direct supervision over activity of “the Uigur separatists” in SZPP. Official circles in Islamabad on placement of the Chinese base in Pakistan abstain from comments, however allow possibility of use of the People’s Republic of China already existing in the country of “military platforms”, so to speak, on “a nonpublic basis”.

    Fourthly, China as the Times of India newspaper reports, already turned into the main supplier of arms to Pakistan. Now the Pakistan army allegedly for 70% is equipped with the Chinese military equipment. Moreover, the Indian press with reference to military sources in Delhi claims: if the prospect of receiving the Air Force of India of the Russian fighter of the fifth generation materializes, Pakistan will address to China which is also conducting researches on this direction of aircraft construction. At last, Beijing for Islamabad remains the “irreplaceable” partner in improvement of the nuclear weapon and means of its delivery since 1976. Also there is no evidence of the termination of this cooperation in the foreseeable future.

    Thus, the strategic line of China concerning Pakistan represents difficult symbiosis of at least three geopolitical plans: to constrain influence of political Islam (that is forces operating from the Pakistan territory) on development of internal processes in the People’s Republic of China (first of all in the Xinjiang-Uigur autonomous area), to limit a role of India in the region of the Southern Asia, “soft replacement” United States from the Southern and Central Asia.


    The question is natural: whether development of the Chinese-Pakistan relations infringes on interests of Russia? It is represented that the answer will be affirmative, and on that is two reasons.

    Owing to historical and geopolitical circumstances Pakistan turned into peculiar “nursery” of political Islam and the international terrorism. Lack of effective control of the central authorities over all territory of the country already has a consequence “export” of radical ideas and the practician on adjacent territories, in particular to China. Threat of Islamic extremism considerably increases in a developing situation for Central Asia.

    Change of algorithm of foreign policy behavior concerning Pakistan, that is return of our country to a role of the active external participant of processes in the Southern Asia is probably necessary for Russia. Complication of geopolitical “equation” is equitable in this region to long-term interests of our country as fight for tranquillity in Central Asia, figuratively speaking begins in Pakistan. Restoration of political dialogue and external economic relations with this country at least to level of the middle of the 60th years will allow Moscow to influence foreign policy of Islamabad actively.

    Return of Russia to the Southern Asia assumes existence of the organizational and institutional framework corresponding to this task for dialogue about safety of this important region. Will allow to discuss and solve (on a multilateral basis) problems of its safety active participation of the Russian Federation in activity of the Shanghai organization of cooperation. Moscow can and has to counterbalance an active role of Beijing on what finally efficiency of SCO as the political instrument of the international security depends in this international organization.

    Andrey VOLODIN
    doctor of historical sciences

    Chinese sea landing: where to land? May 29, 2012

    Any updating of armed forces of any country causes questions. Having answered them, sometimes it is possible even to foresee or expose the defensive doctrine of the country with some accuracy. The main thing – is correct to analyse available information. There were no new landing ships exception as a part of NOAK Naval Forces. Considering the relation of some countries to China, it is not difficult to guess the reasons of the concern directed on the landing ships of the project 071. Moreover, they are the biggest watercrafts as a part of the Chinese naval forces that only urged on foreign interest.

    It is obvious that the landing ship is not intended for any other purposes, except disembarkation of sea landings. From here we have a simple, clear and logical question: where China is going to land the landings? In discussions of the Chinese territorial claims the subject of Taiwan first of all emerges. War between the Chinese republic and People’s Republic of China predict any more the first ten years and with each rearmament of the People’s Republic of China its probability consider more and more high. Nevertheless, still no serious active actions existed. Both parties while exchange any bad actions, but do not hurry to open the front. After emergence as a part of Naval Forces of People’s liberation army of China of the landing ships of the project 071 some analysts right there showed to the world “the true reason” lack of the open conflict. In their opinion, all this time China did not attack Taiwan only because had no corresponding ships. Now, allegedly, the sea landing can land almost any day. At the same time with it the opinion on absence at Beijing of plans on capture of Taiwan takes place. For last decades the Chinese management to a certain extent reconciled to the actual independence of Taiwan. Among other things, the reason of it are and the developed relations of Taiwan and the USA. It is unlikely the People’s Republic of China will want to launch for the sake of only one island war with a superstate.

    Also there is one more fact which to a certain extent confirms preparation for disembarkation to Taiwan. The first two ships of the project 071 – “Kunlunshan” and “Tszinganshan” – are based in the Province of Guangdong being on the bank of the South China Sea. Thus, from the port of registry to the Taiwan coast the landing ships will need to pass only 750-800 kilometers. Rather small distance in case of need can work on suddenness of attack, but the Taiwan armed forces are rather modern not to pass the ships with a landing, especially the largest in NOAK Naval Forces.

    As we see, attack of the People’s Republic of China to Taiwan causes enough questions which call into question success of all operation. The Chinese management simply cannot but understand it and hardly prepares plans on disembarkation to the independent island any day. At the same time, territorial claims of Beijing do not come to an end on the Chinese republic. Chinese already show long ago interest to several islands in the South China Sea. According to some sources, these some scraps of a land possess good stocks of minerals. Official Beijing already several times showed the intentions to take these islands to itself “under the aegis”. Other countries of the region, such as Philippines or Vietnam against it. In their opinion, disputable islands have to belong not to China, and of. It is easy to guess, why Vietnam or Philippines want to catch these territories. It is necessary to notice, in said countries are afraid not only losses of deposits of minerals. Having received one more resource base, China will be able finally and to become irrevocably the economic, production and military leader of the southern Asian region. And here words of companion Mao who directly claimed about need of “collecting” of several countries of the region by China are already remembered. Naturally, neighbors of Heavenly Empire are nervous and do not give a consent to accession of disputable islands by it.

    As islands are not someone’s property, they are actually uninhabited. As a result, operation on capture will be rather simple. And the marines which is delivered to a place by the landing ships will be able to cope with it. Also it should be noted that marines by the ships “071″ can not only occupy these islands, but also beat off them at other “competitors”. It is impossible to exclude possibility of that any of nowadays arguing countries in the near future it is independent, without any approval from outside will attach batable grounds to itself. In that case within several days China will be able to begin “peacekeeping” operation on “release” of islands. It is necessary to guess only, whether will make Beijing islands again neutral, will take away to itself or leaves “under protectorate”. Irrespective of an outcome of such conflict the landing ships of the project 071 will be very useful. It is possible even to claim that they will play a crucial role during all fights for islands.

    It is unlikely it is possible to find more suitable “purposes” for the landing ships of the project 071 except Taiwan and the islands of the South China Sea. Certainly, at range of swimming not less than 7-8 thousand nautical miles these ships can work and in more remote areas but while China does not show the special interest to regions getting to this radius. So besides versions about attack preparation on nearby islands it is possible to consider and option of banal development of the fleet. So it turned out that the ships of the project 071 are the largest by the sizes and displacement in the Chinese fleet. In the closest months of Naval Forces of NOAK will receive the first aircraft carrier “Chi Lang”. Though this fighting ship also is not own development of China, already now it is possible to predict keen interest in it. So this fall conversations on a subject “why to China the landing ships? ” will give way to similar reasonings concerning an aircraft carrier. Still, “Chi Lang” is one and a half times longer “Kunlunshanya” and has three times bigger displacement. Good reason for fabrications.

    On materials of sites:

    The USA and Pakistan on a war threshold. Chinese rigidly warn Washington

    Uebster G. Tarpli
    May 20, 2011

    China officially warned the USA that attack planned by Washington to Pakistan will be considered as an act of aggression against Beijing. This rigid demarche – the strategic ultimatum first for 50 years received by the USA after the Berlin crisis in 1958-1961, – indicates serious danger of all-out warfare with which the conflict between the USA and Pakistan is fraught.

    “Any attack to Pakistan is an attack to China”

    Making comments on the message on a request of China “to respect the sovereignty of Pakistan after bin Laden’s elimination”, the official representative the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China Chiang Yu 19 confirmed that “the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan need to be respected”. According to the Pakistan diplomatic sources to which Tayms оф India refers, China “unambiguously warned that any attack to Pakistan will be considered as attack to China”. This ultimatum as is reported, was sounded on May 9 in Washington where for continuation of strategic dialogue and economic negotiations, there arrived the Chinese delegation led by the Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China Van Tsishan and the member of the State Council Day Bingo (1). The base of such prevention – nuclear missiles of China, including about 66 MBR, capable to strike the United States, and also 118 rockets of average range, 36 missile-carrying submarines with rockets and numerous systems of smaller range.

    Support from China is considered by regional observers as crucial for Pakistan which has got into pincers between the USA and India: “If the USA and India pressure proceeds. Now Pakistan can tell: “For us China, we are not lonely, with us one of superstates”, – the known Pakistan political scientist, the general in resignation Talat Masoud declared to the correspondent of AFP.

    The Chinese ultimatum was it is made during visit of the Pakistan prime minister Gaylani in Beijing following the results of which it was declared about granting to Pakistan 50 JF-17 immediately and gratuitously (No). Leaving, Gaylani emphasized importance of alliance, having proclaimed: “We are proud of that China our best and most loyal friend. Let and China know that Pakistan always and in all a row. When we speak about friendship, above, than the Himalayas and more deeply, than the ocean, is reality” (4) Such words caused irritation of the American elite, in particular, the republican senator from Idaho Riesch.

    Heat of strategic crisis in the relations between the USA and Pakistan reached apogee on May 1 when the commando of the USA without demand and permission allegedly killed “phantom” Bin Laden in Abottabad, having roughly broken the sovereignty of Pakistan. Terms of it “military focus”, obviously directed on strain of relations between two countries, have no relation to global war with terror, but heads of National Security council of Saudi Arabia are directly coordinated on a visit at the end of March to Pakistan the prince Bandar. This visit led to de facto union of Riyadh with Islamabad which armies are capable to bridle any “color revolution” started by the USA. Besides, it reduces threat from Tehran and, respectively, reduces possibilities of the USA to blackmail oil sheikhs with the protection. It is clear, that rapprochement of Pakistan and Saudov is deadly to domination of the empire of USA in the Southern Asia.

    As for the version of the USA about as though “to attack to Bin Laden on May 1″, it so muddy also is inconsistent that it is better to literary critics to be engaged in it. Clear and indisputable fact only that Pakistan today – the main objective of the USA, also is available implementation of that program which was sounded by Obama in the notorious speech in Vest Point (December, 2009).

    Gaylani: The weapon of punishment will protect strategic assets of Pakistan

    The Chinese ultimatum appeared in time exactly to Gaylani’s performance in parliament of Pakistan: “I will tell extremely frankly. Any infringement of strategic assets of Pakistan, openly or secretly, встрелят corresponding answer … Pakistan reserves the right to take measures at full capacity. Nobody has to underestimate determination and ability of our people and armed forces in protection of our sacred Homeland” (5). Such preventions made the nuclear power, you should not turn a deaf ear even людлям, similar to Obama.

    Strategic assets, – so Gaylani called the nuclear weapon of Pakistan, key force of control of India which was more and more cooperating with Washington in the program of development of the nuclear weapon. For today any more a secret (the USA could not hide it) existence at armies of the USA in Afghanistan of plans of capture or destruction of the Pakistan nuclear bombs and warheads. According to information of Fox News (2009th), the USA have a detailed plan of penetration in Pakistan and capture of providing its nuclear armory in case there is a threat of coming to power of “Taliban”, “Al-Qaeda” and other extremists. “The author of the plan, – approved a source (6), – general Stanley Makkristal, developed it, being the chief of a staff of special operations (Fort Bragg, the State of North Carolina)”. JSOC, the group eliminating as speak, Bin Laden, consists of fighters of Delta Force, Navy SEALs and “the hi-tech special investigation known as “Orange task force”. “Small divisions can capture [the nuclear weapon of Pakistan], to disconnect devices, and then to transport them to a safe place”, approved a source (6).

    Obama already approved

    According to the London Sunday Express, Obama already approved active steps in this direction: “The American armies will be developed in Pakistan if its nuclear installations appear under the threat from outside “avengers” for Bin Laden … This plan which is not assuming a consent of president Zardari, caused angry reaction of the Pakistan authorities… Barack Obama decided to realize such plan forces of an air landing on key objects and blows to air defense, that is, on “Sargodha HQ” – base of nuclear F-16, fighting and, at least, 80 ballistic missiles. According to the American official, “the plan was given green light and the president let know that is ready to enter armies into Pakistan if there is a threat of a homeland security of the USA” (7).

    Extreme intensity round this question, actually balance on the verge of war, allows to call “on May 1 Obama” or the greatest nonsense, or … Obama cannot but understand that Pakistanis wait today for attack to the nuclear bases. According to New York Times, Obama even assumed that raid will turn back the beginning of war and “demanded to send to Pakistan enough armies that they could make the way successfully back if local police and army shows hostility”.

    Rehearsal began

    Firefights between the USA and Pakistanis became aggravated on Tuesday May 17 when helicopters of the USA and NATO broke the Pakistan air space in Vaziristan. The Pakistan forces as it became clear, were in a condition of the increased combat readiness and opened fire at once, from the American helicopter shot back. According to the Pakistan messages, two frontier guards on a check point Hel (area Datta) were wounded (8) .

    It is not excluded that explosions in Peshawar at the American consulate were on May 20 punishment actions. However, victims among Americans were not, the passerby was lost only. One more blow was struck by investigation: on the Pakistan TV it was named the resident of CIA in Islamabad.

    CIA and as though Talibs

    One of ways to prove need of the American-Indian attack to Pakistan – increase in terrorist performances “as though the Taliban”. On estimations of the Pakistan mass media, CIA (with the help Mossad) and the Indian RAW created the own version “operated Talibs”. There are data that “field investigators of CIA got into structures of Talibs and “Al-Qaeda”, having created the own Tekhrik-e-Taliban of Pakistan (TTP), which task to destabilize a situation in the country. “The ex-chief of Panjabi department of the Pakistan Interdepartmental investigation (ISI), the brigade general in resignation Aslam gave to Ghuman the comment: “During my visit to the USA, I learned that CIA, involving in cooperation of experts Mossad and having agreed with the Indian RAW, plans to destabilize Pakistan at any cost” (12). Whether this organization is responsible for double explosion in Vaziristan as a result of whom 80 fighters of the militarized police were lost? In parallel, according to the Russian investigation, “the non-staff employee of CIA Raymond Davies and his agents supplied “Al-Qaeda” with the chemical, nuclear and biological weapon so now Pakistan it is possible to accuse of anything …”. Devisbyl is arrested for murder of two agents of ISI, but then exempted from the Pakistan government after a wild hysterics of State department.

    Ambassador Grossman rejects a request of Pakistan not to break border

    The special representative of the USA across Afghanistan and Pakistan Mark Grossman who has replaced Richard Holbrooke, on May 19 haughty rejected claims of the Pakistan authorities for receiving guarantees of that new “Abottabad” will not be (9). Having refused to represent such guarantees, Grossman declared that the Pakistan officials never demanded respect for their border in recent years, and let now do not start demanding (10).

    In the middle of this strategic crisis, India carried out, in fact, provocation, having begun maneuvers near borders of Pakistan. In the Thar Desert (the North of Rajasthan) “Vijayee bhava”, – nuclear biological-chemical armies of fast blow, including the well-known Second tank case “considered as the most important and efficient connection of the Indian armed forces and already twice smashing armies of Pakistan in two full-scale wars” (11) was tested.

    CIA and new boss of Al-Qaeda

    One more reason for intervention: the certain Saif al-Adele who has been already appointed by CIA to a role of the new chief of “Al-Qaeda” and, allegedly, hiding in Vaziristan (13). For Obama very conveniently that this guy as though lives in the hottest place, instead of somewhere in London.

    After “on May 1″ the Pakistan military lips of general Kayani declared attacks sharp reduction of the American contingent in Pakistan. By ISI estimates, in the country now there are about 7000 field investigators of CIA, not all from which are known to the authorities. Level of an exchange was sharply lowered by prospecting information. In reply to CIA made attempt to compromise the Pakistan commander, having found in Wikileaks strange plums about any frauds of the Pakistan general, in particular, that he demanded as much as possible departures of Predator robot planes. Those Predator which raids will be organized by CIA and from which blows the civilian population perishes, civil war and disintegration of Pakistan on Sind, Punjab, Balochistan and Pushtunistan can become result of that. That is, the solution of a geopolitical task on destruction of uniform Pakistan as “power corridor” between Iran and China. Selig Harrison already now brings up a question of “succession” of Balochistan in the USA.

    After May 1 in a course six attacks of Predator of attack are killed about 42 Pakistan citizens, the public opinion is excited to a limit. On May 14 the Pakistan parliament unanimously demanded the termination of the American rocket attacks, having urged the government to reduce deliveries to NATO forces in Afghanistan if attacks proceed (14). It can do extremely, to full chaos to complicate stay there NATO forces, and it is one more occasion to possible war.

    The taliban against Pakistan

    According to Washington Post, now at US State department no, any bases not to carry on negotiations with Talibs who were begun in February. Nowadays the USA are ready to speak personally with legendary Mullah Omar. It is clear, that the USA offer the Taliban the union against Pakistan. Mark Grossman is adjusted hostilely in relation to Pakistanis but when speech comes about Talibs, quite justifies the nickname “Mr. Reconciliation” (15). The close ally of the USA see and in Hakani whom do not hurry to eliminate at all though it is better nothing than the late Bin Laden.

    So, China plays for Pakistan, and Russia, it is possible to tell, stands up for China. On the eve of a meeting of the Shanghai organization of cooperation coming on June 15, president Hou called the Chinese-Russian relations “risen unprecedentedly highly” and “having obvious strategic prospect”. At a recent press conference this week, the president of Russia Medvedev was compelled to recognize indirectly that “reset” advertized by Obama, in fact, a zilch as the missile defense rocket of the USA of the program in Romania and other Eastern Europe are obviously directed against Russia. That is, means, the contract START loses value, and there is a ghost of new cold war. “Considering NATO attack to Libya and a lift to receive the UN resolution concerning Syria”, – Medvedev told. He obviously tries to imitate Putin to keep some chances to remain in power.


    The crisis which has poured out in World War I, began with murder in Sarajevo on June 28, but war began only on August 1. There was time to rescue a situation. But in July, 1914 European public opinions elegiac meditated and dreamed. Something similar occurs and today. Many Americans fondly think that as though Bin Laden’s death is the ending of war with terrorism and wars in Afghanistan. Absolutely on the contrary. The serious aggravation began. Forces opposing war in Iraq, even zealous liberals support Obama though he is much more active instigator of the Third World, than Bush and Cheney. And meanwhile, if there is still time to prevent the world tragedy, – that just now.

    The Chinese army changes reference points and the direction of the main blow.

    The Chinese army changes reference points

    Heavenly Empire will not manage to survive without external expansion, and most its perspective directions are Russia and Central Asia (first of all – Kazakhstan). And that nature of military construction in China (prompt growth of military expenses, scenarios of carried-out doctrines, military and technical policy) clearly testifies: this expansion it will be absolutely optional peace (economic and demographic), and the power option is not excluded not so.
    As if to already told there was nothing to add. However lately there were some more events which forced to return to this subject.

    The brightest and grandiose military parade on Tiananmen Square in Beijing, devoted to the 60 anniversary of the People’s Republic of China became noticeable, certainly. On it, according to official statements, Chinese showed 52 samples of new equipment.

    All range of VVT – ballistic missiles (from tactical to intercontinental), cruise missiles of land basing, anti-ship missiles of sea and coastal basing, surface-to-air missile missile systems of all radiuses of action, various armored vehicles, including landing (still the monopolist in production of BMD was Russia), jet and stvolny artillery, some types of pilotless aircraft, warplanes and helicopters was thus shown.

    When passing on the area of the columns presenting various of a type of military forces to People’s liberation army of China, could not but attract attention and such very remarkable detail: the considerable part of staff was armed not with local copies of the Kalashnikov, and the latest automatic rifles created on the basis of same joint stock company, and the western samples (FA MAS, L85).

    Except fighting vehicles of a landing of ZBD-03 in which the relationship with our BMD is obviously traced, but not their direct copying, it should be noted full copies of the Russian antiaircraft missile systems S-300 and jet systems of volley Tornado fire (the Russian Federation, by the way, did not deliver the last to China never).
    However, we have to believe that before us at all the copy it is not known as “Tornado” which has got to Heavenly Empire, and primordially Chinese RSZO PHL-03. And at all “trekhsotka” (the license for its production Russia the People’s Republic of China did not sell),

    instead of less primordial Chinese ZRS HQ-9. However, Chinese also “stole” the French ZRK of small range of “Krotal” without ceremony, having called HQ-7. It too it is proud passed on the area.

    The great attention is deserved by the cruise missile of land basing of DH-10 (takes place in mobile launchers on three rockets on everyone). Probably, in its design there are very big loans (if not full copying) from our H-55 which China in the early nineties got in Ukraine.

    As under the known Contract on RSMD of the USA and Russia cannot have cruise missiles of land basing, the People’s Republic of China became the actual monopolist in this class of arms. On very similar mobile installations (too on three rockets on everyone) the coastal PKR YJ-62 which are considered almost as analog of American “Tomahawks” are placed. Though, quite possibly, as it is a variation on H-55.

    Certainly, it should be noted driving through Tiananmen Square of the UAVs installed on cars. It while only small tactical BPLA. But the fact of their existence at Chinese is important.

    Appeared in the Chinese army and surface-to-air missile rocket and gun systems to Tura 95 (they are PGZ-04), having broken monopoly of Russian “Tungus”. This ZRPK represents synthesis of copies. Chinese copied artillery part (four trunks of caliber of 25 mm) from the Italian antiaircraft self-propelled gun of SIDAM-25. And on it hung four PZRK QW-2, copied (certainly, without the license) from our “Needle-1″.

    In the field of tank construction China obviously repeats the Soviet-Russian experiment. At first decades in the People’s Republic of China created numerous modifications of T-54. Then somewhere (whether in Romania, whether in the Middle East) Chinese got T-72 and now is engaged in variations on its subject.

    The Russian army is armed with uncountable options, in fact, the same tank (T-64, T-72, T-80, T-90 and their various modifications), the same occurs and in Heavenly Empire. On parade on October 1 passed most perfect of variations – tanks to Tura 96 and Tura 99 (other name – Tura 98G).

    Having borrowed a tower of our BMP-3, China made the infantry fighting vehicle of ZBD-05 (the chassis at it Chinese), and these cars not only in land forces, but also in marines arrived.

    On Tiananmen Square passed SAU to Tura 88 (PLZ-05), to pain reminding the Russian “Msta” which we, besides, did not sell to Chinese never.

    However, on parade rather original designs, for example, wheel SAU PLL-05 and PTL-02 were presented also. However, in the first case nevertheless the relationship with our “Nona-SVK” is traced.

    In air part of parade it was possible to observe the DRLO KJ-2000 plane, the JH-7 bomber, the fighters J-11 (copy) Su-27 and J-10 (synthesis of the Russian and Israeli technologies), the fighting WZ-9 helicopter copied from French “Dauphin”, etc.
    Certainly, “the second artillery” was adequately presented to NOAK, that is rocket armies. Began with tactical “Dunfen-11″

    and “Dunfen-15″, and ended with intercontinental “Dunfen-31″ (apparently, already with being divided head part).

    Generally, demonstration of military power of the People’s Republic of China in Beijing was successful wonderfully well. Though on parades it is impossible to judge armed forces to what domestic experience testifies. The last parades on Red Square represent on May 9 purely PR actions which do not have any the relations to a real condition of army and fleet of Russia.
    Therefore not smart aspect of life of NOAK is much more interesting.
    Just in China military exercises of “Kuyuae-2009″ – the largest for the 60-year history People’s Republic of China came to the end. They were carried out in the territory of four of seven military districts – Shenyansky, Lanchzhousky, Tszinnansky and Guanchzhousky. More than 6 thousand vehicles took part in them to 50 thousand military personnel of land forces and the Air Force. During maneuvers of army overcame in total 50 thousand km. For example, four general divisions made march (by rail, and then under the own steam) on distance of 2 thousand km.

    On doctrines joint actions of all types of military forces in the conditions of modern war were fulfilled. Check of the latest systems of arms, and also operability of national navigation satellite system of “Beydou” developed by China – analog of the American GPS was one of the purposes of maneuvers.

    Thus, “Kuyuae-2009″ were obvious development of the doctrines which were carried out in 2006 (are described in article “The third rejoicing” it will not be possible to be”, “NVO”, No. 47, 2006). Simply scales, that is spatial scope and number of attracted armies grow.

    It is worth paying attention that NOAK carries out not the separate tactical doctrines necessary for maintenance of daily fighting capacity of parts and divisions, and maneuvers of strategic scale in which armies and military districts are involved, they cover the most part of the territory of continental China – not so small country on the area.

    And character of doctrines too is very interesting – it obviously has no relation neither to disembarkation to Taiwan, nor to aggression reflection from the USA. Capture of Taiwan is an air and sea landing operation, the sizes of the island are not so great, thousand-kilometer marches as width it from the West to the east does not exceed 150 km there will not be necessary. In addition armies of the Nanking military district which is focused on actions against Taiwan do not participate in carried-out doctrines.

    The main thing in that the Kuomintang victory at the beginning of 2008 as on presidential, and parliamentary elections on Taiwan led to the expected forced rapprochement of Beijing and Taipei not only in economic, but already and in the political sphere. In this situation for continental China military pressure becomes counterproductive, now it expects to achieve association in the foreseeable future (hardly on it over 15-20 years will leave) without war. Practically there are no doubts that Beijing removed a question of capture of Taiwan from the agenda though prior to the beginning of last year such operation was a main goal of NOAK in the short term.

    Aggression from Americans even if and to present it to itself, can have only character of blow from the sea and air the high-precision weapon for the purpose of destruction of military and economic capacity of the People’s Republic of China. Actions on a land thus will not be any, even tactical scale.
    In addition there are no doubts that actually attack threat from the USA against continental China even in the form of air attack is absent in principle. Judging by performance on August 17 this year before veterans of the American armed forces and on those actions which are undertaken by Washington in the field of military construction, the president Barack Obama is going to cut down military expenses and to reorient the Pentagon on maintaining, mainly, counterguerilla wars, displacing many programs developed taking into account strategy of classical war.

    Besides, it is already clear that Obama in general will avoid in every possible way application of the American armed forces outside the USA, seeking to solve foreign policy problems diplomatic methods. In this plan of the politician of Washington can become similar to policy of the European countries. Thus, possibility of military attack of the USA to China is completely excluded, for this purpose at Washington is not present is more whole, means. It is unlikely this obvious thing do not understand in Beijing.

    Especially the People’s Republic of China cannot expect aggression from any other state as the similar step would become for it the most effective and fast way of suicide. By the way, here it should be noted that the military potential of all people around Heavenly Empire of the countries together taken, concedes to the military capacity of China.

    Respectively it does not make to carry out doctrines of strategic scale for working off of problems of defense any sense because such tasks simply do not face NOAK. Actually, it is clear also to the Chinese military-political management therefore on maneuvers actions not defensive, but offensive are fulfilled.

    The main thing in that the Kuomintang victory at the beginning of 2008 as on presidential, and parliamentary elections on Taiwan led to the expected forced rapprochement of Beijing and Taipei not only in economic, but already and in the political sphere. In this situation for continental China military pressure becomes counterproductive, now it expects to achieve association in the foreseeable future (hardly on it over 15-20 years will leave) without war. Practically there are no doubts that Beijing removed a question of capture of Taiwan from the agenda though prior to the beginning of last year such operation was a main goal of NOAK in the short term.

    Aggression from Americans even if and to present it to itself, can have only character of blow from the sea and air the high-precision weapon for the purpose of destruction of military and economic capacity of the People’s Republic of China. Actions on a land thus will not be any, even tactical scale.
    In addition there are no doubts that actually attack threat from the USA against continental China even in the form of air attack is absent in principle. Judging by performance on August 17 this year before veterans of the American armed forces and on those actions which are undertaken by Washington in the field of military construction, the president Barack Obama is going to cut down military expenses and to reorient the Pentagon on maintaining, mainly, counterguerilla wars, displacing many programs developed taking into account strategy of classical war.

    Besides, it is already clear that Obama in general will avoid in every possible way application of the American armed forces outside the USA, seeking to solve foreign policy problems diplomatic methods. In this plan of the politician of Washington can become similar to policy of the European countries. Thus, possibility of military attack of the USA to China is completely excluded, for this purpose at Washington is not present is more whole, means. It is unlikely this obvious thing do not understand in Beijing.

    Especially the People’s Republic of China cannot expect aggression from any other state as the similar step would become for it the most effective and fast way of suicide. By the way, here it should be noted that the military potential of all people around Heavenly Empire of the countries together taken, concedes to the military capacity of China.

    Respectively it does not make to carry out doctrines of strategic scale for working off of problems of defense any sense because such tasks simply do not face NOAK. Actually, it is clear also to the Chinese military-political management therefore on maneuvers actions not defensive, but offensive are fulfilled.
    Moreover, even in the field of fighting aircraft (which, naturally, it will be actively used in case of any classical war) China practically got rid of dependence on the Russian Federation. It exported from Russia limited number of the fighters Su-27 – only 76 units of which 40 – made educational and fighting double planes.
    Similar ratio fighting and educational fighting vehicles absolutely unprecedentedly in the history of modern trade in arms. Number of warplanes always in 3–5 times more quantities of their educational and fighting options. It is respectively obvious that Su-27 of the Russian production were got first of all for aircrew training.
    A little later, as we know, China refused license production Su-27 from the Russian accessories, having constructed only 105 planes from planned 200. At the same time it copied this fighter and began its license-free production under the name J-11B with own engines, arms and avionics.

    As a result in the field dependence on Russia is completely removed. Moscow very strongly was indignant with copying because now China, it seems, becomes our competitor in the world markets. The Russian management, probably, already somehow forgot that the weapon is made not only for export, but also for own VS. And China did not declare any plans of sale of J-11B abroad, it does this plane for itself(himself). And plans to sell much more primitive JF-17. Therefore in Moscow worry at all about about what follows.

    It is possible to note that recently military and technical cooperation of China with Russia is curtailed. Partly it can be explained to that promptly degrading defense industry complex of the Russian Federation is not capable to offer Chinese those arms and equipment which is necessary to them. Other explanation is that Beijing seriously considers in the foreseeable future possibility of conducting combat operations against the Russian army.

    It is necessary to assume that soon China will be reoriented on production of arms at own enterprises, and also on cooperation in this area with the West (first of all – with the European Union countries).
    For example, the first specialized Chinese shock WZ-10 helicopter is developed together with the European firms Eurocopter and Augusta-Westland. Possibility of acquisition of the Russian fighting helicopters was not considered by Beijing at all though, for example, Ka-50 and Ka-52 are issued at plant in Arsenyev, that is near the Russian-Chinese border, and they considerably surpass WZ-10 in the TTH.

    In summary once again has to emphasize: it is possible to assume that the leadership of the People’s Republic of China and NOAK command seriously consider possibility of maintaining in the foreseeable future offensive operations against Russia and the countries of Central Asia.
    At least such scenario of war is considered the most probable. At the same time operation on power capture of Taiwan is removed from the agenda. And parade was very beautiful! Very much I advise it to look (record, naturally, is on the Internet). First, it is the true Big Style, instead of present domestic sickening public relations. Secondly, it after all our bright future …
    Alexander Anatolyevich Hramchikhin — the deputy director of Institute of the political and military analysis.

    China prepares for war?

    Author: Hanaka’s yuccas, 2012-09-14 06:49:50

    Loud international scandal happened between Tokyo and Beijing. So this morning three ships of China entered into territorial waters of Japan near islands challenged with China to Senkaka. According to preliminary information, it is the military ships bearing onboard landing groups, the correspondent of The Moscow Post reports.

    And, in Japan consider that China can land a military landing on islands already soon, officially acquired in the property the government of Japan.

    It is confirmed also by data of a coast guard.

    Moreover, the coast guard confirmed that about 6:20 mornings local time approximately in 22 kilometers to the North from Tayse’s island two ships of the Chinese government entered into territorial waters, and then one more entered.

    Intelligence data says that it is the military ships.

    Military experts believe that Chinese are going to land a military landing on Uotsuridzim, Kitakodzima and Minamikodzima entering into group of islands Senkaka (Dyaoyuydao’s) the islands.

    However, the situation becomes complicated that these islands formally belong to Japan.

    Let’s remind that the Japanese government made on September 10 the official decision on acquisition of three of five disputable with China of islands Senkaka at private owners.

    After this transaction of the island of Uotsuridzim, Kitakodzima and Minamikodzima departed to Japan and formally passed under its sovereignty.

    And here China, without possessing now any right to the islands sold to Japan, all the same continues to speak about the sovereignty over them.

    A number of the Chinese political scientists already declared possible war of China and Japan.

    It seems that this forecast started being confirmed.
    After all on September 11 the official representative Hoon Lei declared the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China to the press that China demands from Japan of immediate refusal of nationalization of islands Senkaka (Dyaoyuydao).

    By words Hoon Lei, China urges the Japanese authorities to refuse immediately “wrong actions” and “demands immediate cancellation of so-called acquisition of islands”.

    As on this incident Hoon Lei made the following statement: “How the situation will develop, the Chinese authorities will take the measures necessary for protection (territorial) sovereignty”

    After the similar statement of the official representative the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China in diplomatic circles conversations not only on the possible diplomatic conflict between China and Japan, but also even about the military began.

    And here, seemingly, that China chose the second way.

    After all, on norms of international law if China occupies islands belonging to Japan, it will be considered as occupation. And similar measures, as a rule, lead to wars.

    Moreover, it is not clear that the Chinese military will do with representatives of Japanese administration who, on hearings, now are on disputable islands.

    As reaction of the USA which support Japan is interesting, and with China (after the conflict because of Syria) have very frosty relations.

    Besides experts the position of Russia interests also.

    Generally, now the whole world is afraid of the beginning of large-scale war which can quite untie China …

    Black&White: racism – an inconvenient problem of the USA

    The racism problem in the United States of America costs quite sharply, especially after election on a post of the president of the Afro-American. However, not only black representatives are exposed to discrimination and oppressions: now in the USA manifestations so-called “white racism” when the white-skinned population is oppressed to please to the Afro-Americans are frequent also.

    Whether it is possible to tell, what the racism problem in the modern USA is settled? Certainly, no. Even Barack Obama’s election on a post of the president who is the representative of the Afro-American population, does not give a reason to claim that now racism in States came to an end. It is clear, what hardly it is possible to get rid of any defect of society up to the end, but racism as the phenomenon in the USA is how strong?

    There are a lot of examples — recently parishioners of one of churches of the State of Mississippi lifted a protest against a wedding of couple of Afro-Americans preparing in it, reports WLBT TV channel. Two young people — Charles and Т’Андреа Wilson planned to carry out wedding ceremony in the baptist of church of the city of Cristal Springs whom, by the way, they visited all life. However small, according to the statement of the pastor, the group of white parishioners was indignant with plans of couple to carry out ceremony in “their” temple. Stan Uizerford, the pastor of the First Baptist church Mississippi, married newly married in other church near the first. According to him, thereby he tried to avoid scandal with protesting group of parishioners, however the family Wilson is sure that the pastor simply was afraid that it do not re-elect for new term. Protest of the white black against wedding — that it, if not discrimination?

    However now laws of the USA are so loyal to black that there are oppression precedents … the white! Yes, yes, exactly so. Not so long ago in the city of New Haven that is located in the State of Connecticut, there was a scandal — group of the white firefighters who have successfully passed office check, did not promote only because their colleagues Afro-Americans this check did not pass. That increase white did not look the act of oppression black on a racial sign, results of test were cancelled. The administration of firefighters went on such measures because black fighters with fire, not promoted on service, could declare to submit the discrimination claim. Then in city court the white addressed — but it supported the administration decision. However the Supreme Court showed prudence — those who passed check, were raised in a rank.

    In a word, to adopt the law on general equality — does not mean yet to lodge in souls of citizens love for the neighbor, especially if this neighbor differs skin color. In consciousness of each representative of this or that race, probably, the psychology of the slave or the slaveholder still sits — at progressive and sane people it does not prove, and here people who think narrowly, are quite capable to give to it will.

    Racism in the United States in comparison with other states of the world is how strong? In the countries of Asia it proves more obviously, however a basis of their racism — the different religions coexisting nearby. And here sense of superiority over other races of the American citizen — this consequence not so remote past of the country.

    By the way, Barack Obama’s election on a post of the head of the state caused strong surge in manifestation of racial intolerance over all country. It would seem, such reconciling factor as election in presidents of the Afro-American — the step to which America went nearly 150 years — had to become a zavershitelny stage of eradication of racism in the country, however, emphasized racial distinction of citizens only even more. And aggression showed both white representatives of the population of the country, and the black. The first days after election of the president became the most intense. In New York four white people beat a baseball bat of the black teenager, according to them, “for that that our president — black”. By the way, in the country the Ku klux klan again prospers, the police even arrested several of his members who prepared attempt at the pre


  3. Hello Sam! I want to share the supervision by thoughts on the fact that now occurs in the USA. As far as all of us know, there was a tragedy where children were lost. And as result adoption of law about a ban of certain types of weapon. And all attention is directed on this sphere. And very small number of people watch also a problem of a central government debt of the USA as next week the default and a collapse of world economy because of devaluation of dollar is possible. Here when it will occur in the USA the decision on input of a commandant’s mode, and complete control of commodity turnover within the country can be made.

    And at us at last that will allow shortly a barreled weapon to civilians. And on a default background in the USA we adopted “Dima Yakovlev’s law”, too for derivation of people from economy problems.


  4. I remember New Year’s Best & Happy Wishes Was For A Different President.

    That didn’t turn out so well, did it Sami?

    Lets All Go Over The Fiscal Cliff Together!

    At least the liberals’ deficit spending will be zipped.

    BTW, I am back to WordPress. :)

    Twitter’s Liberal feelings got hurt today…


    • Yes, I am all for going over this Drama Party Fiscal Cliff and I’m willing to suffer financially just to see the Obamabots spending cut off. Oh will the libs scream and yell if it happens. Glad to see your back in the saddle again. Gene Autry song. Happy New Year to you and your family my friend.


  5. Voting Female is back on WordPress so please be sure and stop by to see her.

    Twitter’s Liberal feelings got hurt today…


  6. Thanks Sami,
    Hear Biden invited all his gun banning friends to his “how to curb gun violence” party and blackballed the NRA’s attendance?

    NRA, Gun Rights Advocates, Left Out Of Talks To Reduce Gun Violence, Group’s President Says


    • Its good to see you back on wordpress and I added you back to my ever shrinking blog roll. So many bloggers have thrown in the towel. I can only hope they come back to it soon cause this battle is not over but rather it is just getting started.


  7. Happy New Year, Sami! I never really expected to see ’69, let alone 2013, so — despite the Obama Nation — it’s all been gravy for me. Best wishes & keep on punchin’!


    • Happy New Year to you to Bob. Funny what you said about being 69. I never thought I’d make it to 65 and I remember telling people when I was in my 20’s that I hoped I never lived to see 40.


      • Actually, I meant the year 1969, not the age (I’m still jest a spring chicken of 64), but yeah, I know what ya mean. 30 did seem like an impossible number at one point …


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  9. One Down: This Is How Congress Is Trying to Avert $7 a Gallon Milk Prices in 2013
    The top leaders in both parties on the House and Senate Agriculture committees have agreed to a one-year extension of the 2008 farm bill that expired in October– a move that they hope will head off a possible doubling of milk prices next month.