Liberal Democrats and their Wasteful Entitlement Programs


Barack Obama’s Great Entitlement Society

or the

Redistribution of Wealth

The percentages those on welfare by race.

As of 2011  they are listed below in descending order by percentage.

To break down these numbers, we look at how many Whites are in the population as a WHOLE.  If Blacks make up less 14% of the population and are almost 40% of all recipients, then they represent about 2.5 times their actual population.

Since Whites are over 50% of the total US pop., they represent less than their overall piece of the pie, population-wise.

Hispanics are at least 15% of the general population, so they take only about as much as what their population represents.

Why am I writing this?

Because I am tired of the misrepresentations on this issue.

I read there are many claiming that more Whites are on welfare than Blacks (not true, in terms of raw numbers), yet not accounting for the fact that there are over 4X as many Whites in this country than Blacks!

In statistics, you cannot go by mere numbers.

Only if the playing field is exactly equal, which it rarely is!
This thread was started, not to be racist, but to keep it real.

After all, there are some legitimate reasons for Blacks to be on welfare more than Whites. 

The worst thing anyone can do is be in denial


Where do these people get off thinking that we who work and succeed owe them something?  I for one am sick and tired of supporting lazy worthless drug addicts and the likes who show no appreciation whatsoever for what they are given. I say it is time for US to choose who will receive these benefits and what the criteria shall be.


If you agree  then please send this on to your elected officials and let them know your mad  as hell about this whole culture of corruption in Washington D.C.



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  1. Good Morning America :D


  2. And, the end of the conversation was the most important. That was the point that our current Welfare Program Discourages Marriages, as it Rewards Unwed Mothers who have multiple Illegitimate Children by one or more Bastard Husbands, but Punishes them if they do the Decent Thing and Get Married. When I used to run a Plumbing Business, I had a plumber helper who worked for me. He had a Girl Friend who Had 6 of His Children, and I asked him why he and his girl friend did not get married considering they had 6 kids, and he said, without any shame, “If we get married, we lose about $2000 per month in Welfare Payments.” And, this was in 1985, and it is even worse today. His Deadbeat Wife who was having babies was making more money Lying on Her Back and Having Babies than was her husband, who worked for me, by actually going out and working every day. And, sadly, this same worker, wound up trying to Screw Me, but it backfired on him. You cannot help a Deadbeat without it hurting you in the long run.


    • Interesting observation. I had a Sign Business for years and always attempted to try and hire those who were down on their luck so to speak. In every instance I found myself getting punished by these individuals who only worked long enough to qualify for Unemployment then pushed me to fire them for poor job performance.

      My push back was to give them all the dirtiest difficult jobs I could find until they finally got fed up and quit, thus, no unemployment for them.


      • Thankfully, in Alabama, if you Fire a Deadbeat for Not Doing His or Her Job, they cannot shake you down for Unemployment. Alabama is also a Right To Work State. And, they have a Right Not To Work, but I do not Appreciate Working and Paying Taxes to support these Sorry SOB;s.


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  4. Good morning Samiam.
    Excellent post. While Progressives have lied about the facts for decades in a “if you say it enough, they’ll start to believe you kind of way,” facts continue to be stubborn things. You cannot rewrite the truth, regardless of the spin, it is still there in your face.

    Will not only reblog but email to everyone I know and ask them to send it to everyone they know especially those living off the government dole and those who justify living off the dole based on faux racial statistics.


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  6. Thank you this is beautiful and so right , wonderful blog you have here , iI really enjoy it


  7. I say that anyone on welfare must not be allowed to vote. The Founders had it right about allowing only property owners to vote-they had the most at stake.