Oh Brother, Obama is Big Brother after all

Masonic All Seeing Eye On One Dollar Bill

Is it too late to shut down the Blogs, cancel the Cell Phone and get off the Grid?

It would apparently seem so with the news coming out from the latest White House Scandal.  NSA collecting all the data from a Free People is so 1984 and yet here we are in 2013 and only now finding out this has been going on for quite some time.

Perhaps it is too late to get off the Grid but then again where could you go in America where a Drone could not find you?


Just something to think about the next time our Liberal friends call us  Fear Mongering Conspiracy Theorists for questioning this president



10 responses to “Oh Brother, Obama is Big Brother after all

  1. You are no longer safe America…


  2. Freedom, by the way

    With satellites there really is nowhere to hide.


    • You are right Freedom,

      I live in an apartment building on the second floor. I used to enjoy on a good day, opening my blinds and letting the sun shine in. I, now, find myself not pulling the blinds up as far as I used to. Not because of nosy neighbors but because of an nosy government.


      • Hi D !
        With the immigration bill currently moving through congress to bring the aliens “out of the shadows”, one wonders.
        Hmmmm…….with the NSA’s capabilities, why can’t they find THEM ?
        This is all BS, designed to further clutter up an already cluttered mess.
        They, the administration, are doing anything they can to take Benghazi off the table.
        Benghazi could be Obama’s Waterloo and he knows it.
        Benghazi should be Hillarys Waterloo, and she should never even be considered for a candidate for the presidency.

        Good to see you again D. :)


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  4. By far and away Obama has sullied the office to which his oath of office is sullied beyond all records as we know it and hopefully he regretfully knows too.
    Obama has no, I repeat NO REDEEMING qualities that the voters can recognize, at least sane, respectful and patriotic voters.
    In my view, Obama is at the least a third or fourth string office holder.