Does cleaning help with allergies?

If you have bad allergies, then you have probably tried just about anything to help get rid of them, but did you know that pollen can work its way into your carpets? When pollen gets into your carpets it turns your house into an allergy hot spot until it is removed. Vacuuming may help a little, but it will also stir up some pollen as well, and could contribute to your allergies while you are cleaning.

Having a professional carpet cleaning is the best way to remove pollen that has worked its way down deep into carpet fibers. Once your carpet is cleaned here are some extra steps you can take to make sure pollen stays out!

Get an air filter for your room

When you have an air filter, any small pollen particles in the air will be removed before they can make it to your carpet. Having one in your room mean breathing easy while you sleep! Those freshly cleaned carpets won’t be helping stuff your nose up anymore!

Take off your shoes in carpeted areas

When you are walking around outside, pollen particles on the ground are sticking to your shoes. If you walk around on the carpet with pollen on your shoes you are literally grounding pollen into the fibers. Taking your shoes off is a simple trick that will save you from having to clean the pollen out of your allergy free carpets more than once a season! This is also a good habit to reduce carpet wear and tear in general.

Clean your carpets regularly

For most households we recommend organic carpet cleaning. If your allergies are serve you might consider a quarterly cleaning. Even taking the extra precautions listed above, pollen can get into your home in many ways. Quarterly cleanings will help reduce the pollen and any other irritants in your home and keep your carpets fresh and clean year round!

As you can see there are many benefits to cleaning your carpets when you suffer from allergies. It is our goal to provide you with a clean home and comfortable life! Your home is your safe space. Let’s make it safe from allergies too!

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