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America’s Sunset Years…


We have all seen and heard the lies coming from this President and his administration over these past five years not to mention all the lies and cover ups coming from our various government agencies, and yet the American people seem to just go about their daily lives completely oblivious to the destruction of our freedom and  way of life in these United States of America.


 Today we find ourselves at a crossroads where one path is apathy and the other is survival. The big question we should be asking ourselves these days is whether the road less traveled will be the one that wins the day come the Mid-Term Elections this November.

With 51% of the electorate solidly behind this entitlement mentality one has to wonder when, if ever, the tide will swing back to responsibility and personal achievement through hard work and an honest days wage.


There was once a time in America when the outrage of the people would be heard around the world


It appears to this writer that the Media has certainly done its job in dumbing down the American People and the multitudes of Americans have taken the bait…

Hook, line and sinker.


What will it take to finally Wake Up the American People?




Wake Up America!

We’re running out of Time!


I am Voting American and I approve this message


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The Media Provoked Racism Created the Trayvon Martin Protest Riots?

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How did a murder trial between a Hispanic and a Black become a Racial Issue?

Look no further than the Main Stream Media inspired Racism

We have all seen the Media spin in making this an issue more about race then self defense.  At the onset of this tragic story the media reported Zimmerman as being white based on his last name.  Shortly after the pictures were released it was obvious to all that Zimmerman was Hispanic  and yet the media continued on about the fact that it was a seventeen year old Black youth who was shot by a neighborhood watch captain.  As it turned out in a court of law Zimmerman did act in self defense and was found not guilty.  Sadly, the media had set in motion the idea of this being a racial issue and has not turned back in their reporting to the facts brought forth in this case. 

Shame on you liberal media, President Obama, and Eric Holder for turning this into more racial division in America





Seems the Liberal Media can’t find a Kind Word for Romney…. Some would call that Bias but perhaps it’s just Fear

I find it utterly amazing how all of the Main Stream Media has this overwhelming determination to hide any negative news about Barack Obama or the Liberal Democrats in general while maintaining a high profile non stop attack on Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan and all Conservatives in general. 

After seeing the eight years of Bush bashing only to be followed by four more years of Bush blaming we then saw the attacks on Sarah Palin, Herman Cain, and anyone else who held an opposing view of what they wanted America to be.

American Journalism is Dead and is now reminiscent of the Soviet Pravda News Agency we saw in the former Soviet Union.

What ever happened to the days when Journalists simply Reported the News?   

I for one am Amazed that the American People have remained Silent for so long on this issue and have allowed this type of Propaganda to continue.

America needs to stand up once and for all and let these Networks know that We the People will no longer tolerate this kind of Misinformation and Deception upon an unsuspecting American People.

Join with me if you will in Contacting NPR, ABC, NBC,CBS, CNN,MSNBC and yes, Foxnews letting them know that you have had enough and will turn them off in Protest.

If Barack Obama is re-elected to a Second Term it will be because a Misinformed Public refused to seek out the Truth