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Glenn Beck was Right and Barack Obama was Wrong on the Middle East’s “Arab Spring”




  • Intel Source Challenges Obama’s Account of Deadly Consulate Attack

    EXCLUSIVE: Intelligence source in Libya tells Fox News that contrary to Obama administration claims, there was no demonstration outside the US Consulate in Benghazi before last week’s attack that left four Americans dead, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Meanwhile, protests spread to more Muslim nations, including Lebanon where Hezbollah al-Mahdi scouts shouted anti-American slogans during a march through Beirut.

    An intelligence source on the ground in Libya told Fox News that there was no demonstration outside the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi prior to last week’s attack — challenging the Obama administration’s claims that the assault grew out of a “spontaneous” protest against an anti-Islam film. 

    “There was no protest

    and the attacks were not


    the source said,

    adding the attack

    “Was planned and had

    nothing to do with the


    The source said the assault came with no warning at about 9:35 p.m. local time, and included fire from more than two locations. The assault included RPG’s and mortar fire, the source said, and consisted of two waves. 

    The account that the attack started suddenly backs up claims by a purported Libyan security guard who told McClatchy Newspapers late last week that the area was quiet before the attack. 

    “There wasn’t a single ant outside,” the unnamed guard, who was being treated in a hospital, said in the interview. 

    These details appear to conflict with accounts from the Obama administration that the attack spawned from an out-of-control protest. The Libyan president also said Sunday that the strike was planned in advance. 

    U.S. officials, in response to the claim that there was no demonstration at the time of the attack, told Fox News there was a small protest earlier in the day — but they did not dispute that there was no significant or sizeable demonstration at the time. 

    But a senior Obama administration official told Fox News on Monday morning that the Libyan president’s comments are not consistent with “the consensus view of the U.S. intelligence community,” which has been investigating the incident, and are accordingly not credible. 

    “He doesn’t have the information we have,” the U.S. official said of Libyan President Mohammed el-Megarif.  “”He doesn’t have the (data) collection potential that we have.” 

    The Libyan leader told CBS News’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday that the government in Tripoli harbors “no doubt” that the Sept. 11 attack that killed U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans was “preplanned, predetermined.”  That assessment conflicted directly with the preliminary conclusion offered on Sunday by U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, who appeared on all five Sunday morning talk shows

    There, Rice maintained that the Benghazi incident “was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in Cairo, as a consequence of the video,” and that after the protest outside the U.S. consulate gathered steam, “those with extremist ties joined the fray and came with heavy weapons.” 

    Asked if the timing of the Benghazi incident – the eleventh anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks — was simply a coincidence, the senior U.S. official said on Monday: “It is coincidental.  All evidence we have points to this video being the spark of these events.  In all of the intel and traffic, there was no one out there saying, ‘Oh, it’s September 11th, we must avenge…'” 

    The senior U.S. official added that this is “the consensus view of the U.S. intelligence community at this point,” and that Rice “was not out there volunteering her own opinions.” 

    The official also discounted as “not accurate” reports that staff at U.S. embassy in Egypt warned the State Department — in a cable purportedly sent on the afternoon of Sept. 10 — about the effect the anti-Islam video was having, and the likelihood of violent protests in Cairo, but received no response from Washington. 

    “There was cable traffic, involving discussion of the video and the potential for protests, the Embassy was aware,” the U.S. official told Fox News.  “There were discussions about protests between the relevant agencies — intel and State — but the idea that there was no response from State is false.” 

    Officials at the State Department and the White House continue to express satisfaction with the cooperation they are receiving from foreign governments in the protection of American diplomats and their families. This is said to be especially the case in those instances where President Obama has reached out to foreign heads of state, namely Egypt, Yemen and Libya.  

    Still, the State Department over the weekend — in a shift of plans that occurred sometime after Friday evening — announced the evacuation of diplomats’ family members and “non-essential” personnel from U.S. Embassies in Tunisia and Sudan, sites of some of the most violent scenes on Friday. 

    Fox News’ Catherine Herridge, James Rosen and Pamela Browne contributed to this report.


Hope and Change Misery Index: 2009 thru 2012

Hat Tip to GBTV

Glenn Beck provided this insightful video outlining the road Americans have really traveled.


Some Clarity on Obama Motivations for those who are still in Shock

by usamutt:

As I read the curiosities of folks concerning Obama’s actions I am continually amazed at the surprise
and horror that folks arrive at for their observations.

Didn’t you all know the direction of Obama as he said them before he was elected?

Did you not realize his thinking hinged on the fact that he didn’t think that the constitution favored the power of the
federal government enough?  You didn’t know that fact? 

He said clearly he thought the constitutions protection of individual liberty was in need of change that sided towards government authority.

Why do you suppose he wanted these changes?  Well that is simple enough, he wanted more power for wealth redistribution.
What did you think that meant?

What you don’t clearly see for what is coming is the removal of liberty from individuals by taking power in the machinery of the federal government moves us closer to a one world governance.  Doesn’t this make sense?

When you see our wealth going to third world nations don’t you realize that our control is lowered while the third world nation is elevated?

When you see a diminishing of or military does it occur to you that it becomes easier for us to be subjugated to others’ will?

Oh wait I see why it is you haven’t come to know this:  You digest what the media wants you to know.

Don’t you realize that the media who sold us Obama is interested in broadcasting to more viewers.  If they go from a national broadcasting position to an international position what happens?  More ratings and more money! 

Obama would love for nothing more than to deliver the authority of te US Government to a Global Authority where he and his cronies could control the world.

None of this makes sense to you?  Why does the Obama Administration want to undo, both the first and second amendments of the constitution?

He wants to get rid of God and Guns… Isn’t that clear?  Without God’s authority he becomes God.  Without guns nobody stands in his way.

Did Americans go to sleep one night and wake up critically thinking challenged?  When did it become a good idea to participate in something like #OWS. 

Those desiring what Obama intended to do are clearly dangerous people because of their weak-minded manner of understanding the responsibility of freedom.

Who in their right mind thinks Obama has any clue as how to meet a payroll?  Since when did a community organizer understand and master the intricacies of profitable investing? 

Since when did a non practicing lawyer ever be a good choice for a capital defense argument.

Most folks who wanted Obama, wanted him because they didn’t use their critical thinking apparatus. 

What they did use is their desire function or emotive need.

I have no time for folks that demand fairness in governance.  I value equal opportunity, not affirmative action.

If you are surprised at what Obama has been doing, then maybe the problem isn’t Obama. 

He has done all he said he was going to do.

Maybe the problem is you and your habits of listening to the whores in media that want greater profits worldwide for selling you the biggest package of nonsense sold since the days of the wonder lotions pimped in the old days of western frontier days.

I knew what Obama was all about and he hasn’t surprised me one bit. Self proclaimed smart Americans have surprised me though.  I don’t consider anyone to be smart who sided with Utopian thinking or the motivations of Obama. 

Hat Tip to USAMUTT for this Article


It is Time to Wake Up America and Vote this Bum Out!

This Voting American Blog Will Not Be Intimidated By Any Socialist Government Goons!

I am a simple every day American who loves his Country and the Freedoms it affords us all


I am also an  American who is Free to Speak without Fear


Free to Worship in my own way


Free to Stand for what I think right


Free to Oppose what I believe wrong


Free to Choose those who shall Govern my Country


This Heritage of Freedom I Pledge to Uphold!

This website is about

Freedom of Speech

  My Focus is Clear and my Goal 


All are welcome here who have a desire to set aside our differences and stand together for the common goal of restoring America to her former greatness. I don’t care if a person be a Conservative, Liberal, or Independent.

What I do care about is that we all unite in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect for the intended goal of ridding America of this Communist Infestation of Our Government.

From Loopyloo we read:

Government intimidation is getting stronger everyday. The bullying is outrageous and the implication that those who speak up for their country and their faith are somehow anti-American or wish for the destruction of the country is so far from the truth, that if it weren’t being said by those who do wish to destroy the country, it would be hard to believe. But that is a tactic of those who follow the Alinsky path. Accuse others of doing what you are doing in order to divert attention from your own actions. God bless and watch over all those willing to stand and speak up for this country. God bless all those who want to restore the principles that this country was founded on. God bless all those who understand the Christian foundations that our Constitution was established on. God bless those who understand the freedoms we have and the cost of those who have fought and died to save them. God bless everyone who is willing to stand for what is right. If we do not stand now, we may never have the opportunity again, and we will have given away this country to those who hate her. God bless American and may she remain standing as the greatest country on the face of the earth.

Cop’s Take Out The Trash in Oakland: Will Obama Call for Another Beer Summit?

Hat Tip to The Blaze for this report:

‘Kill the Police’: Cops Arrest Hundreds of Occupy Oakland Protestors After Street Clashes

(The Blaze/AP)– Police arrested hundreds of Occupy Oakland protesters last Saturday night for failing to disperse hours after officers used tear gas on over a thousand demonstrators who threw rocks and flares at them and tore down fences.

More help from other police agencies arrived on scene for the mass arrests, with busloads of Alameda County sheriff’s deputies arriving in the downtown area late Saturday night.

Here is video taken from the livestream that shows police warning protestors that mass arrests are about to begin (content warning for profanity):

Police Sgt. Christopher Bolton said the arrests came after protesters marched through downtown Oakland a little before 8 p.m. Saturday, with some of them entering a YMCA building.

At different moments on the livestream video, protestors could be heard yelling “Kill the police” and “F**k the police.”

This clip captures the moment on the livestream that police began the mass arrests:

Earlier in the day, police used tear gas and “flash” grenades on the group Saturday afternoon after some demonstrators threw rocks and other objects at them. Police said three officers were hurt, but they released no details.

This clip shows Occupy Oakland protestors in retreat after police opened fire with rubber bullets and tear gas:

Read the rest of this story and see more video’s at The Blaze:


This is a Direct Result of President Obama’s Class Warfare Agenda

Let’s take a look at those who Support and Endorse these Occupy Wall Street Protests

This Is the Comprehensive List of Those Supporting Occupy Wall St.

Local supporters:

Communist Party USA

The American Nazi Party

Revolutionary Communist Party

Black Panthers

Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakhan


Some big names in the political world have also lent support to the cause:

President Barack Obama

Vice President Joe Biden

Nancy Pelosi

International Leaders and Governments:

Iran’s Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Khamenei

Hugo Chavez

Revolutionary Guards of Iran

The Govt of North Korea

Communist Party of China


Show me your Friends and I’ll tell you who You Are

Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are

That line is one of the famous “Mom-ilies” often heard in homes all around the country. Perhaps mothers have drawn this wisdom from the Bible and Proverbs 13:20:

“He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.”

Either way, The Blaze has presented details on the people inside the OWS movement as well as those believed to be supporting it with money, material goods (sleeping bags, non-perishable foods, etc.), organizational skills, and even storage space. We have named names from the White House to the American Nazi Party, we have shown connections to several unions (like SEIU, UFT, and TWU) and pointed out the organizers like the Working Families Party and ACORN.


This is an Outdated Graphic just Imagine what the numbers are now!


American Juggernauts: A Newt Gingrich / Allen West Presidential Campaign

Imagine if you will a Winning Team such as this going after Barack Obama and his Liberal Minions?  Imagine if you will a series of Debates on the Issues with Newt Gingrich vs Barack Obama and Allen West vs Joe Biden? Imagine if you will an America under their Leadership and the Restoration of all that has made America the Greatest Nation ever known to Mankind?


A Massive Inexorable Force, Campaign, Movement, or Object that Crushes Whatever is in its Path

Think About It Newt

American Juggernauts:

A Newt Gingrich/Allen West Presidential Campaign

Abrab Spring Comes to the Obama White House OWS Style

Is Obama about to have his own Egyptian Moment?

Obama: The Egyptian People Have ‘Inspired’ America

Quoting Martin Luther King, Jr., Obama remarked that “there something in the soul that cries out for freedom,” and praised Egyptians for inspiring Americans, having “bent the arc of history” and putting “lie to the idea that justice must be gained through violence.“ In reflecting on images of parents carrying their children on their shoulders to show them what ”freedom” looks like, the American president echoed protesters’ chants in Arabic, translated as “we are peaceful.”

Speaking from the Grand Foyer of the White House, Obama‘s remarks did little to reassure America’s allies in the region and avoided speculating what the future of the Egyptian government might look like.


America Inspired?

Likewise,  Mr. President you have also Inspired many Americans in the same way.  You haven’t paid much attention to our Rally’s at the National Mall,  nor the Town Hall Meetings all across this Great Land.  In fact,  it seems the Elections of November 2010 are nothing more than a distant memory for you.  Already you are back at that old game of back door appointments and deals being done while we sleep.

Were watching you now. 

We aren’t fooled by your smoke & Mirror Tricks of pretending to move to the center. We know your a leftist Smuck and nothing is going to change that except your defeat in November.

We know you now,  Mr. President

We know you’re a Socialist, Progressive, Marxist, and were not going to let it slide.

Occupy Protesters Suspected of Throwing Smoke Bomb over White House FenceOccupy Congress

  • AP

    January 17, 2012: As Congress returns from its winter recess, protesters aligned with the Occupy Wall Street movement demonstrate on Capitol Hill in Washington to decry the influence of corporate money in politics.

WASHINGTON –  An apparent smoke bomb was thrown over the fence of the White House as hundreds of Occupy protesters massed outside the gates.

The crowds were dispersed Tuesday night and the White House was all clear. U.S. Secret Service spokesman George Ogilvie says there were no arrests in the incident.

The Obamas were at dinner celebrating Michelle Obama‘s birthday, but they have since returned to the White House without difficulty.

The tense scene outside the White House follows an earlier protest on the West Lawn of the Capitol, in which several hundred protesters affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement decried the influence of corporate money in politics and voice myriad other grievances.Organizers had touted the rally, known as Occupy Congress, as the largest national gathering of Occupy protesters to date and secured a permit that would have allowed up to 10,000 people to participate. By mid-afternoon, the protest appeared to have fallen far short of those goals.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Can You Just Imagine The Outrage Had The Tea Party Protestors Done Something Like That?