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Dedicated to all those who lost Loved Ones on September 11th 2001

We Will Never Forget

Openly Speaking: Openly Gay has no place in our Military

Remember when Gay used to mean Merry or Happy?

What on Earth is happening to this once Great Country of ours?

There was a time when serving in our Armed Forces meant a person who was found to be a Homosexual was immediately Discharged under section 8 with less than an Honorable Discharge.  The United States Military has never been nor will it ever be the place where people who choose a deviant lifestyle should serve.  The strict code of Discipline and Morale forbids the undisciplined from participation in life and death Missions and everyday life on our Military Bases, Ships and Aircraft.  Close living quarters and open showers are not conducive for our Military Personal along side of those who have little or no self-control over their own sexuality.  This is a recipe for disaster in our Military and I dare say we will see many Straight men and women in our Military choosing to leave the service of our Country.

Enlistments will drop off drastically as will Re-enlistments. Court Marshals and Captains Masts will abound in this free for all of individual rights.

When I enlisted in our Military we were told we didn’t have any rights any more and I was just fine with that.  I joined to Serve my Country and to fight for America, not my own personal agenda.

So there you have it, once again we see the few ruling over the many as happens in so many issues of American Life today.

Political Correctness has gone way too far in this Country and I say it is more than time for We the People to stand up and Shout with a Loud Voice:

Enough Already

I guess DADT’s just the way I feel about it.