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America’s Biggest Terrorism Threat = Barack Obama


Glenn Beck predicted this while Obama ignored the warning


Well Mr. President, a fine mess you’ve gotten us in to this time. 

Will you ever learn or is that beyond the ability of a Community Organizer?

America has gone from bad to worse under your feeble socialistic agenda and now the world has become a cup of trembling because of your narrow view of what is happening and what should have been done in the Middle East.


You seem to think the world is wrong and you are right in spite of the glaring facts in front of you.

Perhaps you would have been better off had you listened to Glenn Beck’s warnings on the Middle East instead of trying to make him out to be a right wing loon. 

Glenn Beck has proven himself to be so very right, and you, have proven yourself to be so very wrong time and again.


In 2008, Joe Biden said it best in the debates when he said: 

Barack Obama is not qualified to be president.


It appears you have proven Joe Biden to be correct as America slides deeper into decline under your leadership.

You Mr. President have been proven wrong about Egypt, Libya, Iran, Syria, Iraq  and the newest threat, ISIS whom you referred to as a…

JV Terrorist Group.

Isis fighters, pictured on a militant website verified by AP.

This is the price that is being paid for your Lethal Ineptitude Mr. President


You are also wrong about the direction of this Country and the Spirit of the American People




Dedicated to all those who lost Loved Ones on September 11th 2001

We Will Never Forget

The man who shot Osama Bin Laden (via Village of the Banned)

The man who shot Osama Bin Ladin The Spin Master Extraordinaire America is seeing first hand how on a daily basis President Obama and his corrupt Administration have bent and twisted all of the facts concerning the death of Osama Bin Laden.  This is nothing  new coming from this group of Thugs who now occupy Our White House.  Let me present to you a history of the Obama Deceptions perpetrated against the American People and the United States of America. The Videos I am posting a … Read More

via Village of the Banned

Waterboarding Works – Osama Bin Laden is Dead

The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first. -Thomas Jefferson

Who are the Criminals and who is the Government?

We now know that Waterboarding played a key part in bringing down Bin Laden so maybe it is time to find out who the Terrorists are in Our own Government.

Socialism began to take root in America about 100 years ago and began to slowly creep into the American Physique as a harmless yet beneficial way to bring about Social Justice for all. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. We know them as modern-day Liberals, or Progressives if you will. They change names once the current name is exposed for what it really is, Marxist/Communism. We have all seen the living conditions of people who live under such tyrannical rule and we have watched as the Socialistic Countries of Europe erupt into violent riots over the failed policies of Socialism. Here in America it is different as we are a Capitalistic Country enjoying unlimited opportunity for wealth and the American Dream. America’s Greatness sprang forth because of our Christian Values and Ideals so Socialism although having taken root here cannot prosper. There are just too many rational thinking Christian Americans living in this Great Land to ever let Socialism take hold and destroy Our Way of Life.

We are Americans  Free to speak without fear, Free to Worship in Our own way, Free to Stand for what We think Right, Free to Oppose what We believe Wrong, and Free to Choose those who shall Govern Our Country.

This Heritage of Freedom We Pledge to Uphold

The End of Socialism began here on November 2nd 2010 and will see its ultimate demise come 2012

America needs leadership now

America needs a new President

We are witnessing the destruction of the United States before our very eyes as the World crumbles down around us. We have in office a President who in no uncertain terms shows a true disdain for America and her people. A man who is hell bent on surrendering America to her enemies for the sake of ushering in a Socialist/Marxist Government. His crimes against the State are many and we simply cannot allow this to continue for another two years.  Impeachment is called for under these circumstances and the momentum to begin this process must begin now.

I for one have seen enough and the evidence is all around us even with the Main Stream Media Blackout of the facts.  America is in serious trouble at home and abroad and things are about to get worse, much worse.

Marshal Law and those Fema Camps I have spoke about so very often are coming.  In President Obama’s own words he is talking about incarcerating “possible” terrorists before they can commit any acts of terrorism against us. Don’t be fooled America, this law will be enacted by Obama to incarcerate us, you know, We the People, that’s right you and me.  He will enable himself and this Government to arrest any one of us for any reason he/they deem reasonable if we are perceived as a threat to his Socialist/Marxist Agenda.  Watch this seven minute video for yourself and read between the lines.  This removes each and everyone of us from our Constitutional Protections and there will be no Miranda Rights read to anyone.  Marshal Law is coming my friends, it is coming.

Impeach the Traitor

Mr. President, it is time to resign or face Impeachment. America can no longer allow your systematic erosion of our economy nor our civil defense against our many enemies. America did not make the many sacrifices it did to preserve Freedom only to allow the likes of you and your cohorts to dismantle and destroy our very way of life. Your words are poisonous and your actions are treasonous. I hope to see you Impeached for the reasons of Treason against the State and I hope to see it soon.  There is a place for people like you and I am sure a great many American’s are telling you to go there.

Impeach him America

It’s the right thing to do

H/T to atrueobamanation.blogspot.com