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Hunger Games: Is this a Peek into a Future in which the Liberals Rule America?

I took my oldest Grandson to see “Hunger Games” yesterday and I have to tell you that it takes place in the “Future”……

Now if you EVER wanted a Preview of EXACTLY what America would look like should the Liberals Take Over well then you simply must see this movie.

A Movie set in a Disgusting Array of Liberal Mandated Government Control over ALL of the people, or should I say “Serf’s”

President of the Former

United States of America

I would strongly encourage every

Freedom Loving American

to see this Movie

See the Liberal Elitists in all their Glory


The Intent of this Movie was not to show a Futuristic Liberal America but was in fact My Impression after watching it.

Sadly the Movie really seemed to be all about Kids Killing Kids (sigh)

From one Freedom Loving Conservative Patriot to Another